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Creative Commons Licence Compatibility Wizards

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These Creative Commons Compatibility Wizards can be used to determine the range of Creative Commons licences which are compatible with each other when blending Creative Commons licensed resources to create new Open Educational Resources. Further information can be found at: www.web2rights.com/OERIPRSupport

Use Wizard 1 if you want to take Creative Commons licensed resources, blend them in an OER, and make your OER available under a single Creative Commons licence. Wizard 1 will tell you which Creative Commons licences are compatible.

Use Wizard 2 if you have already chosen which Creative Commons licence you want to use to license out your OER, and want to know which Creative Commons licensed resources you can blend in your OER, which would be compatible with your chosen end-use licence.

Important Notes

These wizards are based on the compatibility issues which arise when Creative Commons licensed resources are adapted and blended with other Creative Commons licensed resources.

It is not possible to relicense someone else’s Creative Commons licensed work. It is possible to disseminate someone else’s Creative Commons licensed work in its entirety, either by itself or as part of a collection, but the original licence will continue to apply to that work.

It is possible to relicense an adaptation of a Creative Commons licensed work, provided the original licence is not ND restricted (in which case no adaptation can be made without further permission). Where the original work is SA restricted, the adaptation can only be made under the same CC licence as the original. It is possible to blend an SA licensed work with works with the same conditions (e.g. CC BY SA with CC BY SA) or lesser restrictions (CC BY NC with CC BY SA), as long as the final product of the re-mix is licensed under the same CC SA licence as the original. Two different CC SA licences (e.g. CC BY NC SA and CC BY SA) cannot be mixed.

Where an intact Creative Commons licensed work is included with other works, two layers of copyright will exist – the original work will remain licensed under its original licence, but there will also be copyright in the selection and arrangement of the materials in the compilation – and this may be under any licence compatible with the content’s licences.

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