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This Starter Pack has primarily been created for JISC/HEA Phase 2 OER Projects as well as anyone else creating OER to help them deal with the IPR and licensing issues associated with OER. Specifically, it aims to help OER projects:

  • Understand the thirty party rights associated with any content that you wish to make accessible and usable as OER and therefore help you to realise your rights clearance obligations
  • Get to grips with Creative Commons Licences and select the most appropriate for your uses
  • Develop a process for rights identification and clearance
  • Adapt and use template rights clearance letters and model consent forms
  • Understand where you might look to trace rights holders
  • Develop a better understanding of the level of risk associated with content for which you might not be able to trace the rights holders or the rights holders are unknown
  • Look for further information about IPR and licensing issues

Introduction to IPR and Licensing Issues

  IPR and Licensing Issues for OER Video
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Briefings and Guides

Briefing Paper on Embedding Creative Commons Licences into Digital Resources
Word Document | PDF Document |

Overview Of the ‘Openness’ of Licences Selected by JISC Projects to Provide Access to Materials, Data, Databases and Media
Word Document | PDF Document |

Seeking Permission and Due Diligence for OER Projects
Word Document | PDF Document |

JorumOpen Licensing Guide
PDF Document |

Practical legal tools for projects engaging with OER

Model Consent Form
Word Document | PDF Document |

Template Permissions Form
Word Document | PDF Document |

IPR and Licensing: Top Tips for OER Project Teams
Word Document | PDF Document |

Further Information

Useful information about OER and IPR/licensing from a range of projects and services
Word Document | PDF Document |

OER IPR Support Presentation
PowerPoint Presentation  |

Animation: Intellectual Property Rights in the Web 2.0 world 
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The IPR and licensing issues associated with OER are likely to be of interest to the following stakeholders:

  • Senior Managers
    • Who need to understand the strategic/institutional IPR issues associated with OER. Issues include the development/compliance and/or amendment of any institutional IP policies and in particular the ownership of IP in staff produced works and institutional policy on the specific Creative Commons Licence selected to fulfil the terms of funding. Other issues include the recording and mitigation of any IP and/or licensing risks associated with OER on the institutional risk register.
  • OER Project Managers/Directors
    • Who need to know what their IPR and licensing obligations, roles and responsibilities are regarding their OER project, as well as associated opportunities and challenges
  • Library and Information Professionals
    • Who are likely to support their OER and provide long-term operational support regarding IPR/licensing.
  • Technology Transfer Staff
    • Who need to understand the business-case for OER and how OER might impact upon their commercial activities.  

Resolving the Intellectual Property Rights and in particular any copyright and other rights owned by third parties is likely to form the basis of your activities associated with the release of your OER as reusable and repurposable.

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