How Open Are You?

created as part of the Web2Rights OER Support Project

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Using this Wizard will help the user to assess:

  • The readiness of their organisation to release resources under Creative Commons (CC) licences and other open content licences
  • Which areas of activity across their organisation are CC or equivalent ready, and what they can do to improve their organisation's proposed “open” activities

This Wizard is aimed at project managers or resource producers in JISC funded Open Educational Resources (OER) projects, and supports Section 11 of the JISC Terms and Conditions of Funding, which requires an open approach to the licensing of OER. It will however, have a wider applicability in any public sector/not for profit organisation releasing content under CC licences and other open content licences, both nationally and internationally.
The areas of activity in the Wizard are based on the Strategic Management of Intellectual Property Rights for OER in UK Higher Education briefing paper

This Wizard assigns scores to different areas of organisational activity, and by working through the Wizard you can gain up to a maximum score of 150. The scores for different areas of activity are based on the informed but subjective views of the OER IPR Support team who created the Wizard, and should only be used as an indication of an organisation's readiness to release resources under open content licences. The scores should not be taken as a definitive legal view. It is the organisation's responsibility to ensure they have the necessary policies and procedures in place, as well as any third party permissions, to enable them to release material under open content licences.

To use the Wizard answer the questions below

1) Do you have a funding requirement to be open?

2) Does your organisation have an explicit strategic goal of open publishing?

3) What is your organisation's policy about the use and re-purposing of your resources by third parties?

4) What sort of CC (or equivalent) licences are you using to provide access to your resources? (Tick all that apply)

5) What is your organisation’s policy towards seeking permission from third parties? (Tick the one that applies)

6) How open is your organisation to risk?

7) How does your organisation support copyright awareness across your organisation? (Tick all that apply)

8) How familiar are your staff with CC and other open licences?

Final Score: